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Smog Check Station in Escondido, CA

Smog Check Station in Escondido, CA

The California Smog Check Program is an effort by the Bureau of Auto Repair (BAR) to reduce air pollution by making sure vehicles with excessive emissions are repaired to meet federal and state guidelines. Any car that is over six years old must be brought in for a smog check every two years, and a smog check must be done if you are selling a car that is four years or older. There are various types of smog check stations, but the type that meets the BAR’s highest standards is a STAR station. Brian’s Automotive and Diagnostics in Escondido is a STAR Certified smog check station and can perform a smog check station on your vehicle.

If your vehicle is due for a smog check, feel free to take it to our smog check station in Escondido. Here at Brian’s Automotive and Diagnostics, we have the experience and skills needed to make an accurate assessment of your vehicle’s emissions. We have a commitment to customer satisfaction and will be very transparent about the state of your vehicle; we will never recommend a service that isn’t absolutely necessary. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us today!

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